ISO20022 Migration Monitor

Read about what's happening in the ISO20022 migration in our newsletter.

Migration Monitor - Second & Third Quarter 2022

16 August, 2022

In this fifth issue, we provide a whole of Program update, along with overviews of our recent publications, including Test and Transition documents, our updates to the HVCS Procedures and the FAQ Register.

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Migration Monitor - First Quarter 2022

12 April, 2022

In this fourth issue, we will provide updates on our recent publications, including recent Message Usage Guideline changes, the Back Office Requirements & Support Document, and Test and Transition documents, and the Unifits Emulator.

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Migration Monitor - Third Quarter 2021

25 October, 2021

In our third newsletter, we provide updates on available Message Usage Guidelines (MUGs) & schemas, the SWIFT MyStandards Readiness Portal, using the compare function in MyStandards, and the publication of the Test and Transition documents.

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Migration Monitor - Second Quarter 2021

16 August, 2021

In our second newsletter, we provide a recap on the key principles driving the Program and a full overview of the Program so far, along with some links to supporting information

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Migration Monitor - First Quarter 2021

02 May, 2021

In our first issue, we provide a full overview of the ISO 20022 Industry Migration Program so far, along with some links to where you can find supporting information.

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