Local and global policy trends are shaping the future of payments.


As the payments system rapidly evolves, the views and expectations of policymakers, regulators and the broader public are undergoing a similar shift. Local and global policy trends are increasingly shaping the future of payments.

As the industry association and self-regulatory body, AusPayNet works with industry stakeholders, government regulators and the wider community to provide thought leadership and policy development for the payments industry. Our aim is to foster an efficient, effective payment system.

As part of this role, we:

  • conduct public consultations to help shape the future of payments
  • make submissions to regulators, government and other bodies on issues affecting the payments system
  • undertake research
  • consult with stakeholders
  • seek to foster wider debate about the future of payments

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Our consultations encourage and lead conversations about trends in payments.


AusPayNet consults on a variety of issues, including industry policy, government submissions, and broader trends in payments. Notable earlier activities have included a wide-ranging consultation on the decline of cheques in 2012 and joint-consultation with the Reserve Bank on the establishment of a new payments industry coordination body, the Australian Payments Council.

Our consultation process acknowledges the importance of a community voice in discussions on the evolution of the Australian payments system.


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Our submissions process ensures we represent the views of the payments industry.


A range of stakeholders, regulators and policymakers consult and seek feedback on issues affecting the payments system. These include industry bodies, Parliamentary Committees, government departments, independent inquiries, and so on.

As the association and self-regulatory body for the payments industry, AusPayNet is well-positioned to put forward a consolidated industry position. We work with our members and other stakeholders to understand the nuances and the landscape of policy debates, and to produce informed submissions that can help shape government policy, and ensure the outcome of an efficient, effective payment system.

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