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Online Event Series

October-December 2020

Join Us

Due to COVID-19, in place of our annual summit we'll be hosting an online series starting on 30 October and culminating in a session with the Reserve Bank of Australia Governor on 7 December 2020. We hope you can join us.

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Tap & Go Update

30 July 2020

Temporary increase to PIN limit

The contactless limit on some cards and at certain merchants has been temporarily increased from $100 to $200. Customers will know whether they can use the new temporary limit by following the PIN pad prompts.

In line with the Government's social distancing measures, reducing physical contact with surfaces may lower the chance of COVID-19 infection.

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What's New

August 2020

Future State of Payments Action Plan

Informed through stakeholder consultation, the Action Plan outlines the industry’s response to the evolution of payments and a customer preference for faster, data-rich, 24/7 payments. Our focus is on modernisation and ensuring payments system efficiency.

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About AusPayNet

Through our network we bring together industry, government, regulators and other stakeholders to improve the Australian payments system by:

  • promoting competition and innovation
  • delivering efficiency
  • controlling systemic risk

We create a shared purpose that engenders confidence in the payments system.


Our network is open to financial institutions, payment systems operators, technology providers, major retailers and other organisations with a significant interest in payments.

Our network of 130 organisations spans a wide range of participants with varying levels of involvement.