The Economic Crime Forum

Working together to make Australia a hard target for scams, fraud, financial crime and banking or payments related cyber incidents.

AusPayNet established the Economic Crime Forum (ECF) in 2021 to replace and expand the role of its Fraud in Banking Forum (FBF). The ECF brings together a broad range of participants - including law enforcement and intelligence agencies, regulators, representatives from AusPayNet’s membership (currently over 150 members) and other key stakeholders in the banking and payments ecosystem – to share intelligence on emerging threats and collaborate on joint responses or tactical initiatives to prevent all types of economic crime.

The ECF’s quarterly meetings provide a forum for open and fruitful dialogue to, among other things, discuss actions that can effectively prevent, detect, disrupt and deter economic crime. They are an important information channel for key law enforcement joint management groups, including Operation Themis, that is responsible for targeting serious financial crimes including fraud, money laundering and corruption, and Operation Helios, that is responsible for targeting and preventing cybercrime.

Meetings are held in state and territory capital cities on a rotational basis.

Scams prevention is the current priority of the ECF, where (beyond industry and operational silos) ecosystem operators are working together to protect consumers, businesses and the economy from scams. The ECF is unique as it develops joint projects with law enforcement and other stakeholders to identify and disrupt domestic and international organised crime scam syndicates that are causing harm to Australian consumers and businesses.

For more information about the ECF, please contact Toby Evans, Head of Economic Crime at AusPayNet (

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