Annual Review

  • 2019 Annual Review

    Delivering the Best Customer Outcomes

    AusPayNet's vision is convenient and secure payments for all. Our 2019 Annual Review outlines our work this year to deliver the best customer outcomes.

    Highlights include: 

    • A trust framework to improve customer convenience, privacy and security on our digital world
    • A CNP Fraud Mitigation Framework to help the e-commerce community protect their customers and businesses.
    • New standards enable merchants to offer card payments more cost-effectively and efficiently
    • New guidelines underway to improve accessibility for people with disability
      Annual Review 2019

    We invite you to read our 2019 Annual Review below. 


  • 2016 Annual Review

    Connections and Collaboration

    The Australian payments landscape has never been more vibrant and it’s for this reason that we have chosen the theme of ‘connections and collaboration’ for our annual report this year. As the number and nature of participants grows and diversifies, so does our role, requiring us to be nimble in outlook and collaborative in focus.

    In the last 12 months we have laid the foundation for our more connected future through a number of important initiatives. Whether giving rise to the next generation of commerce, shaping the New Payments Platform, ensuring the next wave of innovation, or supporting the Australian Payments Council, we have been at the forefront of change.


  • 2014 Annual Review

    Laying the foundations for the Australian payments system of the future. 

    The theme of our 2014 Review "breaking ground" recognises the new world facing us all as a result of the explosion of cloud, network and mobile technologies.

    Our payments system has served us well, but thanks to the “always on, always linked” world being ushered in by our mobile devices, it must adapt, and fast. We are not alone, of course: nearly every industry faces similar challenges in relation to digital disruption.

    But “breaking ground” is also a metaphor for the payments industry response to this new world. We have in the last year or so begun laying the collaborative foundations for new industry infrastructure that, we hope, will position us for future adaptation, innovation and competition.