Payments Industry Statistics

There are several publicly available payments data sets published by different organisations that may be useful to payments industry participants.

To assist members and stakeholders in making data driven decisions, we felt it was important to share this list of publicly available data sets.


AusPayNet Device Statistics

Track the number of ATM and POS devices in Australia.

Growth in digital payments is enabled by a high number of card-accepting devices. AusPayNet tracks the number of ATMs and point-of-sale devices in Australia. These statistics are updated quarterly.

Device Statistics



AusPayNet Fraud Statistics

Tackling fraud is a key priority for financial institutions and card schemes.

Twice-yearly, AusPayNet publishes payments fraud statistics provided by Australia's financial institutions and card schemes. The aggregated data assists financial institutions in monitoring trends, developing targeted mitigation strategies, and informing businesses and consumers about fraud issues.

Latest Fraud Statistics  Previous Fraud Statistics



ACCC Targeting Scams: reports on scams activity

Track the key trends in scams.

This annual report explains key trends in scam activity and highlights the impact of scams on the community.

Targeting scams



AFCA Data Cube

Understand more on the trends in financial complaints.

A rich set of data about the issues, types and outcomes of financial complaints.

Data Cube



APRA Points of Presence

Stay across the physical banking service channels provided by ADI’s.

APRA publishes on an annual basis, a detailed listing of the physical banking service channels provided to Australians by authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs).

Points of Presence



Bank of International Settlements (Red Book Statistics)

Track payment trends across 29 countries

The BIS publishes statistics on payments and financial market infrastructures (FMIs) in member jurisdictions of the Committee on Payments & Market Infrastructure (CPMI).

CPMI Payments Statistics



RBA Consumer Payments Survey

Track consumer trends in payments.

A triennial survey on consumer payments.

Consumer Payments Survey



RBA Payments Statistics

Track payment trends across all frameworks, including the NPP.

The RBA publishes monthly & quarterly data provided by financial institutions, payments service providers and some payment system operators.

Payments Statistics