Developing Standards For Artificial Intelligence

In August 2019, we were pleased to respond to the Standards Australia Discussion paper, Developing standards for Artificial intelligence: Hearing Australia’s Voice.

Standards Australia sought feedback on a proposal to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) standards for Australia, designed to promote the responsible use of AI.

Our submission highlights AI as a key transformation pillar for the payments industry and recognises the importance of adopting AI standards at both the international and domestic level. The submission acknowledges the inclusion of a payments related case study in the Discussion Paper regarding fraud detection and prevention, and further outlines other use cases for the adoption of AI within payments. AusPayNet recognises the importance of developing a national strategy for AI. The implementation of frameworks are critical to manage security and build trust, so Australians can embrace AI innovation and realise the full benefits offered. Our submission further highlighted that security and interoperability should be the key focus areas when setting AI standards. A layered approach that incorporates both standards (national and international level) and governance models is critical to the continued adoption and trust in AI systems. 

AusPayNet will participate in a workshop hosted by Standards Australia to finalise draft recommendations.

Access our Submission below.