AusPayNet releases guide to navigating the Australian payments system


17 December 2020 

Australian Payments Network (AusPayNet), the self-regulatory body for Australian payments, today released a practical guide to help new entrants better navigate the interdependencies within the payments system.

The new guide - Navigating Payments for New Entrants - provides an overview of payment system regulation, the different models for participation, and the regulatory licences that might be required to help new entrants better understand Australia’s payment systems.

The guide is a result of research and consultation with new entrants and financial sector regulators to better understand the needs of new entrants to payments. This included a survey of fintech companies, focused workshops including with regulators, and bilateral meetings.

AusPayNet CEO, Andy White said: “Innovation drives benefit to end-users and new entrants have an increasingly important role to play in payments innovation. Our guide builds on industry initiatives to support fintechs by unpacking payments system regulation and licencing requirements”.

Chair of Fintech Australia and Managing Director of Paypa Plane Simone Joyce said: “AusPayNet's guide to the Australian payments system is a fantastic resource for any fintech looking to understand and determine their best pathway through the payments landscape.

“Navigating successfully through this increasingly complex space and the regulatory framework that governs it is critical for many fintechs and having access to a practical reference tool, such as this guide, will certainly be a win for fintechs at any stage of their journey,” Ms Joyce added.

In an addition to an overview of the payments system, the guide includes information on:

  • Participating in the card payments system as an issuer or acquirer
  • Installing new POS technology in the card system
  • Participating in the direct entry system, BPAY and real-time payments
  • Participation and licencing requirements

“Australia has a high level of fintech adoption and the sector is growing fast. With many new entrants looking to participate in payments this practical guide is an important step in helping them to do so”, Mr White said.

The guide “Navigating Payments for New Entrants” is available on the AusPayNet website.


Media contact:  Nicholas Owens, Sefiani Communications Group, on behalf of Australian Payments Network: +61 421 977 062,