TrustID Framework Governance Consultation

AusPayNet is undertaking consultation with interested parties on the governance structure of the TrustID Framework.

The TrustID Framework is an open, contestable framework that can be used by different organisations to offer a range of interoperable identity services to individuals and private sector entities. The TrustID Framework is designed to allow individuals and private sector entities to establish their credentials online with an accredited preferred service provider and then to use those credentials to verify who they are when interacting online. Continued accreditation of a participant in the TrustID Framework will signify that the participant has met or exceeded the applicable criteria and requirements for accreditation under the TrustID Framework.

It is anticipated that the competing services offered through the TrustID Framework will improve the convenience and security of many online interactions, enhance privacy and data security, and reduce costs related to identifying customers. The TrustID Framework was created by members of the Australian Payments Council (APC) . As secretariat of the APC, AusPayNet has taken on an interim role as the administrator of the Framework, one aspect of which is to develop a governance structure from the TrustID Framework.

AusPayNet has established a working group to progress collaborative action required to prepare the market for the introduction of services that will be offered under the TrustID Framework, including the design of the governance structure for the TrustID Framework.

The formal window for submissions has closed and we are currently reviewing responses. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any aspects of the consultation.